Follow Your Arrow



It’s easy to look at the direction another person is going in life, and to feel like you should be doing the same thing. Maybe someone you know is travelling the world while you’re staying home. Maybe someone else is getting married and having a baby, and it’s making you feel behind on your own dreams. Or maybe that path isn’t what you want at all, and it makes you feel guilty or out of place. Maybe someone you follow on social media just got a promotion, and it makes you wonder if you chose the wrong career.

The thing is, you can’t compare your life to someone else’s life, and you can’t compare your path to anyone else’s path. You are YOU. You’re unique, different, flawed, valuable, and you have your own journey and your own contribution to make in the world. There’s only so many things we can prioritize in our short lives, which means there’s always going to be someone doing something that you aren’t.

If you see someone who’s working while you’re still in school, it doesn’t mean that you’re falling behind or that you chose the wrong thing. It just means that their focus is in a different place than yours.

It’s actually pretty great that we all have our own unique gifts, passions, and journeys in life. Think of all the issues in the world, from helping the hungry, to medicine, to mental health, to clean energy. If all of us were pursuing the same things, so many problems in the world would never be solved. But we all come into the world with our own special way of making things better.

You have gifts to share with others. We all compare ourselves to others sometimes. It happens. We all have days where we feel like we’re falling behind. When that happens, just remember that you’re here to follow your arrow. You have your own compass, your own guiding light, and every day it’s guiding you to be your truest self.

Wherever you are in life, this journey is yours. Trust your path and keep pursuing your dreams.


Sleep For Cheap: 5 Best Hostels In Canada



If you’re a traveler on a budget, nothing can help you more than finding a good hostel. These inexpensive, often dormitory-style lodgings allow you to rent a bed, gives you access to a shared bathroom, and sometimes there is a shared kitchen. Some offer private rooms while others offer spaces that accommodate a mixed group of people. It’s no five-star resort, but if you’re passing through town and need a place to recharge, it gets the job done. Here are five of the best hostels in Canada:

Auberge Bishop, Montreal – This laid-back hostel has dormitory-style rooms complete with lockers to help keep your possessions safe. Private spaces are available as well. With rooms available for around $22 (USD) a night, there is a shared kitchen, chairs in the lobby, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a laundry service, and a free, simple breakfast. It’s also located in a beautiful, red-brick building. Spend a night here and then take a short walk to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

The Planet Traveler Hostel, Toronto – If you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for a way to go green, then this is the hostel for you. It comes complete with solar-powered hot water and heating. Relax in the common area, cook a meal in the shared kitchen, and relax at the rooftop bar where you’ll have an amazing view of the city. Public transportation is nearby and many shops and activities are walking distance. The price per night is around $36 in United States currency.

Wicked Hostels, Calgary – With brightly colored walls and furniture, a stay in this hostel is one you won’t soon forget. It’s clean and isn’t too far from the tallest structure in the city: The Calgary Tower. There, you’ll get a view of the city from 525 feet in the air. Cool, right? Once you’ve done that, take a few minutes walk to the CORE Shopping Centre where you’ll find all your favorite stores. Your bed will be waiting for you.

American Backpackers Hostel, Vancouver – If you’re looking for a no-fuss setting where you can socialize and mingle with other backpackers, look no further. The atmosphere here is eclectic and certainly not for everyone, but you are sure to make memories. This lodging hosts events and the people here seem to share a spirit of adventure. If you stay here, you’ll be minutes away from bars, nightclubs, and public transportation. You can also look forward to shared dinners.

Samesun Banff, Banff – A popular destination for skiing, whitewater rafting, cave exploration, and hiking, Banff, Alberta is a perfect destination for outdoor buffs. While here, you may want to stay at Samesun where you’ll have easy access to public transportation, bars, and restaurants. Enjoy colorful décor, game nights, a shared kitchen, and a free breakfast.

Staying at a hostel isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a traveler looking for a place to sleep that’s cheaper than a five-star hotel, it’s one option that may work for you. Traveling the world doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Crack open your piggy bank and go on an adventure.




You Are Enough



Sometimes in life, it seems like there is a constant need for More. More money, more friends, more success, a better job, a better relationship, a better house, or a better lifestyle. People enter a new year wanting to lose more weight, exercise more, eat more healthy food, get out, say yes, or work harder.

We are in a constant state of feeling like we are not good enough. While a certain amount of desire for self-improvement is healthy, life is not always about thinking of where we want to go next.

You have to give yourself a chance to enjoy where you are now. Be present, explore, make discoveries, take pictures, write things down. No matter how big your dreams are for the future, chances are, one day, TODAY is going to be the day that you look back on.

Today is going to be the day that you feel nostalgia for. Even if your present situation isn’t ideal, there’s probably something in your life now that you’ll look back on in ten years, wishing you could go back.

And that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty in life or have regrets, it just means that there’s probably at least one thing at this stage of your life that makes your heart happy. Sit with that, give thanks for it, enjoy where you are now because we’ll never have this day again.

Where you are now is special because it’s preparing you for who you’re meant to be. Keep dreaming, keep growing, keep pursuing the life you want and the places youwant to go. But also take the time to be present, and know that you are enough.

5 Best Cities In The United States For Beer Lovers


Summer is right around the corner, and what better way to relax and cool off than with a nice, cold beer. Beer and travel are two passions that can combine admirably. If you’re exploring a new city, chances are that there’s a great brewery just waiting to be discovered. Here are 5 of the best cities in the United States for beer lovers:

New York City, NY – As a New York girl, I have to start with a city I know and love. Whether it’s Beer Culture in Manhattan, Tørst in Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Brewery, or Astoria Bier & Cheese in Queens, there are many places where you can find a great selection of craft beers.

San Diego, CA – If you’re a beer lover traveling to San Diego, be sure to check out Bottlecraft Little Italy, the Best Damn Beer Shop, and Second Chance Beer Company. Also visit IsaBella Bistro, Pizzeria & Craft Beer Garden for some California pizza, a contemporary atmosphere, and a good selection of beer and wine.

Portland, OR – Head up north to Portland and you will find spots like Bridgetown Beerhouse, Gigantic Brewing Co, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Bailey’s Taproom (bonus points because they have board games). Grab a drink with friends and explore the city.

Asheville, NC – Head back east to the beautiful mountains in Asheville, and you will find places like French Broad Brewery, Asheville Brewing Company, Thirsty Monk Brewery & Pub, and Wedge Brewing Company. While you’re at it, explore the city’s restaurants for some great Southern cooking.

Denver, CO – Colorado has a spot for literature lovers known as the Fiction Beer Company. A book-themed brewery, what could be better? There’s also the Strange Craft Beer Company, Lowry Beer Garden, Declaration Brewing Company, and Hops & Pie (why yes, they do serve pizza 🙂 )

These are just five of many cities in the U.S where you can find some great beer. If you’re a beer connoisseur and travel lover, be sure to add these places to your list. You never know what adventures you’ll have, what memories you’ll make, and what discoveries you’ll find along the way.