You Are Enough



Sometimes in life, it seems like there is a constant need for More. More money, more friends, more success, a better job, a better relationship, a better house, or a better lifestyle. People enter a new year wanting to lose more weight, exercise more, eat more healthy food, get out, say yes, or work harder.

We are in a constant state of feeling like we are not good enough. While a certain amount of desire for self-improvement is healthy, life is not always about thinking of where we want to go next.

You have to give yourself a chance to enjoy where you are now. Be present, explore, make discoveries, take pictures, write things down. No matter how big your dreams are for the future, chances are, one day, TODAY is going to be the day that you look back on.

Today is going to be the day that you feel nostalgia for. Even if your present situation isn’t ideal, there’s probably something in your life now that you’ll look back on in ten years, wishing you could go back.

And that doesn’t mean you should feel guilty in life or have regrets, it just means that there’s probably at least one thing at this stage of your life that makes your heart happy. Sit with that, give thanks for it, enjoy where you are now because we’ll never have this day again.

Where you are now is special because it’s preparing you for who you’re meant to be. Keep dreaming, keep growing, keep pursuing the life you want and the places youwant to go. But also take the time to be present, and know that you are enough.


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