Follow Your Arrow



It’s easy to look at the direction another person is going in life, and to feel like you should be doing the same thing. Maybe someone you know is travelling the world while you’re staying home. Maybe someone else is getting married and having a baby, and it’s making you feel behind on your own dreams. Or maybe that path isn’t what you want at all, and it makes you feel guilty or out of place. Maybe someone you follow on social media just got a promotion, and it makes you wonder if you chose the wrong career.

The thing is, you can’t compare your life to someone else’s life, and you can’t compare your path to anyone else’s path. You are YOU. You’re unique, different, flawed, valuable, and you have your own journey and your own contribution to make in the world. There’s only so many things we can prioritize in our short lives, which means there’s always going to be someone doing something that you aren’t.

If you see someone who’s working while you’re still in school, it doesn’t mean that you’re falling behind or that you chose the wrong thing. It just means that their focus is in a different place than yours.

It’s actually pretty great that we all have our own unique gifts, passions, and journeys in life. Think of all the issues in the world, from helping the hungry, to medicine, to mental health, to clean energy. If all of us were pursuing the same things, so many problems in the world would never be solved. But we all come into the world with our own special way of making things better.

You have gifts to share with others. We all compare ourselves to others sometimes. It happens. We all have days where we feel like we’re falling behind. When that happens, just remember that you’re here to follow your arrow. You have your own compass, your own guiding light, and every day it’s guiding you to be your truest self.

Wherever you are in life, this journey is yours. Trust your path and keep pursuing your dreams.


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